Machu Picchu Vacations

Don't let the high altitude -- 7,970 feet to be exact -- scare you away from the trek to Peru 's most famous ruins. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Machu Picchu, which means Old Mountain in Quechua, was built by the Incas around AD 1400. Its residents deserted …

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Things to see and do in Machu Picchu

Yellonero | Trip by SkyscannerHuayna Picchu
Huayna Picchu
Yellonero | Trip by SkyscannerInti Punku (Sun Gate)
Inti Punku (Sun Gate)
Yellonero | Trip by SkyscannerInka Bridge
Inka Bridge
Kevin Picholo | Trip by SkyscannerSayacmarca
Kevin Picholo | Trip by SkyscannerCamino Inca Tradicional
Camino Inca Tradicional
Kevin Picholo | Trip by SkyscannerLlaqtapata
Kevin Picholo | Trip by SkyscannerChachabamba
Kevin Picholo | Trip by SkyscannerDead Woman's Pass
Dead Woman's Pass
Kevin Picholo | Trip by SkyscannerPacamayo
Kevin Picholo | Trip by SkyscannerWayllabamba

Reviews of Machu Picchu

DCP Images
DCP Images

Wow! Far exceeded my expectations. Genuinely remote wedged between the high Andes and the start of the jungle of the Amazon basin. Well worth a visit or two!

Mario Valdez
Mario ValdezPhoenix, Arizona, USA

Probably one site that is on everybody's list. Get there early in the morning for photographs that capture minimal tourist traffic.

Maggie MacDonald
Maggie MacDonaldShelton

Breathtaking, utterly breathtaking! When you arrive in the town of Aguas Calientes you must get in line for the bus ride up the mountain. If you are like me, you'd be terrified of the bus jackknifing up. I'd recommend getting the bus up and walking back down. You'll save a little bit of cash, and it will be a great memory. Machu Picchu itself is absolutely beautiful. The history, the view, you just cannot beat it. Just don't forget your sunscreen.

Julia Sue
Julia SueQueens, New York State

Machu Picchu is beyond words! It was a magnificent experience and out of this world.

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