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Gdańsk is a city on the Baltic coast of Poland , considered the country's principal seaport, and the center of the country's fourth-largest metropolitan area. A strategic and highly influential port for nearly a thousand years, Gdańsk was a stronghold of the Teutonic Knights, and later became an influential city …

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Things to see and do in Gdansk

Katarzyna Wyglądała | Trip by SkyscannerDwór Artusa
Dwór Artusa
Leigh Virkus | Trip by SkyscannerMuseum of the Second World War (Muzeum II Wojny Swiatowej)
Museum of the Second World War (Muzeum II Wojny Swiatowej)
Karolina Patryk | Trip by SkyscannerDługie Pobrzeże
Długie Pobrzeże
陈霆, Ting Chen, Wing | FlickrGolden Gate
Golden Gate
Karolina Patryk | Trip by SkyscannerMariacka
faxepl | FlickrNeptune's Fountain (Fontanna Neptuna)
Neptune's Fountain (Fontanna Neptuna)
Max Hodge | Trip by SkyscannerMotlawa River Embankment
Motlawa River Embankment
hrspoland | FlickrŻuraw
Sam Mann | Trip by SkyscannerAmber Museum
Amber Museum

Reviews of Gdansk

Peter Cannice
Peter Cannice

Prices much like a steakhouse in the US. Fabulous time. Found it to be welcoming for LGBTQ visitors. Found a good fare and have been wanting to visit and see a couple of museums and meet with family and friends. The hotels were affordable and similar to the united States, the food was wonderful.

Andy Rawlinson
Andy Rawlinson

My Woman lives in Kalliningrad, I am from England, Gdansk is our visa free meeting place :) thanks Poland

Matt Harvey
Matt Harvey

Rich history, excellent beaches nearby (Sopot) quality restaurants, beautifully restored city. Top of my list in Poland

Sam Mann
Sam MannBirkenhead, United Kingdom

Great town with a lot to offer for anyone that visits. I enjoyed walking the old the streets of Gdansk taking in the Amber stalls that line the cobbled streets.

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