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With one of the largest medieval squares in the world, stately castles and a scenic riverfront, Krakow has become a highlight on anyone's 'grand tour' of Europe. The historic city center (Stare Miasto) is best visited by a stroll down The Royal Way past St. Florian's Gate, the Rynek Glowny …

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Things to see and do in Krakow

Julio D | Trip by SkyscannerWawel Castle
Wawel Castle
Kyra Michal | Trip by SkyscannerMain Square, Kraków  (Rynek Główny)
Main Square, Kraków (Rynek Główny)
livekrakow | FlickrKazimierz (Jewish Quarter)
Kazimierz (Jewish Quarter)
Krista Canfield McNish | Trip by SkyscannerBarbakan
Giorgio Tomassetti | FlickrCracow's Historic Centre
Cracow's Historic Centre
Majella O'Malley | Trip by SkyscannerTown Hall Tower
Town Hall Tower
Leigh Virkus | Trip by SkyscannerCloth Hall
Cloth Hall
Leigh Virkus | Trip by SkyscannerOskar Schindler's Factory
Oskar Schindler's Factory
Bogdan Migulski | FlickrPlanty Park
Planty Park
Allie_Caulfield | FlickrCollegium Maius
Collegium Maius

Reviews of Krakow

James Sweek
James Sweek

An old world city brimming with history and fantastic architecture, also just a stones throw away from some WW2 concentration camps, a real history buffs dream

Luke W
Luke W

Brilliant city to go to and Poland has great heritage and culture, however, Krakóe has became a lot more popular lately which dampens and hides the cultural heritage and history a bit. The buildings are astonishing and Polish culture is amazing; Kraków has a wide and embedded history and is near to Oświeciem (Auschwitz). Worth to go Kraków for a taste of Poland before going to other Polish cities.

Alex .
Alex .

Had a lot of places offering cheap drinks, has a lot of history and nice architecture

Daria Kozłowska
Daria Kozłowska

I live here, and even I was in a lot of places all over the world, Cracov can still surprise me in very interesting ways. There are many different things to see and to do.

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