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Dreaming of a vacation in Russia? Look no further than Vladivostok. It has something for everyone including S-56 Submarine and Svetlanskaya. Even better, vacations to Vladivostok don't need to be expensive. We compare hundreds of flight and hotel options to find you the best deal available, leaving you with a …

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Things to see and do in Vladivostok

Alexxx1979 | FlickrS-56 Submarine
S-56 Submarine
m-takagi | FlickrVladivostok Train Station
Vladivostok Train Station
IchStyle | FlickrVladivostok International Airport
Vladivostok International Airport

Reviews of Vladivostok

Scott  g
Scott g

After my Tran Siberian train ride, I had 3 days here and absolutely loved this city , Very clean and modern city ,Very different to Moscow, Cheap food loads to see and do Lots and lots of Japanese cars :) I seen no trouble and I felt safe at all times

Kelly Paras
Kelly ParasWashington, D.C., District of Columbia, USA

Vladivostok is the end of the line (or beginning if you travel east to west) for the Trans-Siberian Railroad. Congratulations, you made it all 5,772 miles!! This surprisingly modern port city on the Pacific is the prefect end to such an epic journey. Be sure to check out Svetlanskaya Street, Zolotoy Bridge and Admiralsky Skver Square.

Jim Preston
Jim Preston

I lived there 3 years and had 2 businesses. It is interesting in a primitive way but not 3rd world. Nothing really beautiful but it is nice to have the ocean all around. Not much for a tourist to do but certainly worth exploring if you are on the Trans Siberian Railway and begin or end your trip there.

Larry Killion
Larry KillionTacoma, Washington

Spent a week here with Elder Kenneth Long preparing for a Mission Work under the authority of TLBC in Tacoma, WA. We passed out Gospel Literature in Russian at the train station where the Siberian Express begins and travels across Russia to Moscow.

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