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A northwestern city in central Spain, Valladolid is a historically prestigious city. National heroes like Columbus and Cervantes, to say the least, have called this city home. It was as highly regarded as Madrid in the early 17th century. Over time, both floods and economic development damaged much of the …

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santiagolopezpastor | FlickrCasa Museo de Cervantes
Casa Museo de Cervantes

Reviews of Valladolid

Tito Puentes
Tito Puentes

I had a great time in Valladolid, restaurants are amazing and the old town was beautiful.

carmen candela
carmen candela

Lot of historical spots to visit, amazing tapas and bars and clubs for a funny nightlife

Baxter Jackson
Baxter JacksonNizwa, Oman

Amongst Spaniards, Valladolid is famous for being one of the first places to bow down to Franco's jackbooted/truncheon wielding fascists. Small wonder it's known as 'Fascist-dolid.' Political alliances notwithstanding, modern-day Valladolid is a good gateway to other nearby places of interest such as Salamanca and has some in it's own right, such as La Casa Museo de Cervantes, for example and a silly-fun university nightlife that doesn't let up until the churros are dipped in chocolate caliente and the sun comes up.

Francesca  Fiorini
Francesca Fiorini

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