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Zaragoza (aka Saragossa) is the capital city of Aragon , an autonomous region of northern Spain . Its proximity to many of Spain’s other major cities makes it an easy place to visit, and its history and art increase its draw. The city is a progressive cultural hotbed, hosting multiple …

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Kevin Picholo
Kevin PicholoFoster City, California, USA

Interesting city on the banks of Ebro River, lots of Mudéjar-style landmarks, combining Islamic and Gothic architecture.

Daniel Mason-D'Croz
Daniel Mason-D'CrozBrisbane, Australia

Zaragoza is not one of Spain's most popular tourist destinations, and I hope it stays that way, because this fact has left Zaragoza with a very authentic Spanish flavor. That is not to suggest there is nothing of touristic value in Zaragoza. A former Roman city and capitol of the kingdom of Aragon there is plenty of interesting historical sites, churches, and wonderful medieval architecture to be found. It is also a great starting point to travel into Aragon's wonderful countryside

Max Sugerman
Max SugermanSan Francisco

Zaragoza is a great city right at the halfway point on the train trip from Barcelona to Madrid that is very often overlooked. Take the time to stop here and spend the night and you won't be sorry. Zaragoza is beautifully situated on the Ebro River with the Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar as it's centerpiece. Plenty of shopping, history spanning all the way back to the Romans, beautiful surroundings and very fun, cheap nightlife. It is a great break from the fast pace of Barcelona and Madrid

Guillermo Fernandez
Guillermo FernandezVillamiel de Toledo, Spain


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