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Of all of Thailand’s major tourist cities, Pattaya is one of the most distinctive; for decades one of Pattaya’s primary tourist attractions was its, ahem, rather carnal and randy services, but recently Thailand has made an effort to reform and foster the city’s respectability. Families can now enjoy being bedazzled …

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Gavin  Korytnickyj
Gavin Korytnickyj

I spent 6 month there years ago and it was superb.people tell me it’s changed a lot but I’ve just had two weeks in Bangkok and will be going back to Pattaya next time the night life was great and lay-off the ice!!!!!

. Troy
. TroyMiravet, Spain

I had to come here for a work conference and thought I'd already visited the most revolting place in the world when I went to Las Vegas - but this plumbs new depths. If you're covered with tattoos, you're names Sharky and you're on the run from armed robbery charges, you'll fit right in. Never has such a few days felt like such a long time. Awful, awful place.

MahbubPatan (Lalitpur), Nepal

Everything of fun and enjoyment is there. Both for families and bachelors to visit.

Kevin Picholo
Kevin PicholoFoster City, California, USA

Pattaya is a beach resort and a party town. The seafood there was amazing, biggest oysters I have eaten.

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