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Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, is one of Eastern Europe’s oldest cities and had an earlier golden age as the capital of the Kievan Rus, the first Ukrainian state. Following years under Soviet rule, today it is Ukraine’s most cosmopolitan city, offering multi-ethnic restaurants not found in the rest of …

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Things to see and do in Kyiv

tgraham | FlickrSaint Sophia's Cathedral, Kiev
Saint Sophia's Cathedral, Kiev
peatc | FlickrOlympic NSC
Olympic NSC
Amy McPherson | Trip by SkyscannerAndriyivskyy Descent
Andriyivskyy Descent
Stephen Bugno | Trip by SkyscannerKiev Pechersk Lavra
Kiev Pechersk Lavra
Anosmia | FlickrNational Opera House of Ukraine
National Opera House of Ukraine
Jorge Lascar | FlickrThe Motherland Monument
The Motherland Monument
thisisbossi | FlickrMaydan Nezalezhnosti
Maydan Nezalezhnosti
Panoramas | FlickrPinchuk Art Centre
Pinchuk Art Centre
Anosmia | FlickrThe Ukrainian State Museum of the Great Patriotic War
The Ukrainian State Museum of the Great Patriotic War
Amy McPherson | Trip by SkyscannerPeyzazhna Alley
Peyzazhna Alley

Reviews of Kyiv

New to travelling  J&H
New to travelling J&H

Amazing city, and country. The history is fascinating. Would definitely recommend this as a short break. Chernobyl is a must see tour

Fred  Finn world's most travelled person
Fred Finn world's most travelled person

Kyiv is one if not the most beautiful city in Europe. Great history , good hotels, great restaurants, good prices against USD GBP and Euro. Ukrainians are good people. Good outdoor life. What's not to like

Tim Haigh
Tim Haigh

Kyiv is well worth a visit, there is a lot to see and do.Its also superb value with very affordable hotels and restaurants. Public transport is very cheap but a big warning, there are loads of pickpockets operating!! Always keep your hand on your phone and purse/wallet. Better still zip them in an inside pocket. They operate as teams on the metro, as the train starts one will “fall” onto you, another will “catch” you. If this happens you are being robbed.Dont stand near the doors but move into the train, it’s much more difficult for them to operate there.Also you must visit the Opera house for a show or ballet. Book online before you go, it’s really very cheap with decent seats for less than £10 and they start at £1.60, and that’s for the superb Ukraine State Ballet. 3 A fantastic evening of entertainment for a quid, and the interior of the opera house is stunning as well. There is a bit of a free for all in the cloakroom after but just wait upstairs until the madness dies down


Used to live here, but would travel there again in a heartbeat! You can’t beat the bar scene, history, sights, and dirt cheap prices. Easy to walk to most places, but there is also uber and uklon. Ride the metro if you’re feeling adventurous.

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