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As a former hub of art, culture and trade for the Russian Empire, Odessa was once a city that liked to flaunt its stuff, with the sort of extravagant architecture and tree-lined promenades that a city of its stature deserved. The fall of the Soviet Union and the financial troubles …

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Things to see and do in Odessa International

Yellonero | Trip by SkyscannerPotemkin Stairs
Potemkin Stairs
Stephen Bugno | Trip by SkyscannerOdessa National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet
Odessa National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet
Katerinka Fedorova | Trip by SkyscannerMunicipal Garden at Deribasovskaya (Городской сад на Дерибасовской)
Municipal Garden at Deribasovskaya (Городской сад на Дерибасовской)
Yellonero | Trip by SkyscannerOdessa National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet
Odessa National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet
Katerinka Fedorova | Trip by SkyscannerKuyalnik estuary (Куяльницкий лиман)
Kuyalnik estuary (Куяльницкий лиман)
Yellonero | Trip by SkyscannerDerybasivskaya Street
Derybasivskaya Street
Saulenko Dmitry | Trip by SkyscannerPryvoz Market (ПРИВОЗ, РЫНОК)
Pryvoz Market (ПРИВОЗ, РЫНОК)
Saulenko Dmitry | Trip by SkyscannerDeribasovskaya Street (Дерибасовская ул.)
Deribasovskaya Street (Дерибасовская ул.)
Yellonero | Trip by SkyscannerStatue of the Duc de Richelieu
Statue of the Duc de Richelieu

Reviews of Odessa International

Stephen Bugno
Stephen BugnoAnchorage, Alaska, USA

Odessa's position on the Black Sea has defined its role as commercial port, a fun-loving seaside resort, and an exotic escape for the former Russian Empire, former-USSR, and now Ukraine. The broad tree-lined avenues and architectural mix of Baroque, Art Nouveau, and other styles lend the city a foreign-feel. Odessites are different from the rest of Ukrainians. Most identify with their city first, before country. Although it feels older, Odessa's history only goes back some 200 years. In its past, opportunity and relaxed laws attracted a diverse mix of ethnic groups and religions. Today, the city is majority Russian-speaking. There are a few good museums, monuments, and beaches around town, but the real draw of Odessa is simply strolling the broad avenues, sitting in the parks, feeling the sea breezes; enjoying the essence of the city and its people.

Branden Nettles
Branden NettlesByron, Georgia

Odessa was great i had an excellent time there. All the food i ate there was amazing. The streets were dirty and messed up then thats not what i was used to ,plus this was my first real experience out of the country. The cab service is excellent they are there in flash. I was taken back when i went to swim in the black sea, when i had to pay to go to the beach. I had to literally pay for everything towel ,chair and to swim. Then again i was used to something else . Over an all i had a really good time there and the clubs are amazing..

Leigh Virkus
Leigh VirkusPittsford (town), New York

This is an unexpected jewel on the Black Sea. The city has a very Parisian flair. It is easy to walk around after conquering the Potemkin Steps (Primorsky Stairs). The weather was unseasonably cold during our visit - cold air from Siberia but it was still worth being there and we would like to come back to visit longer.

Chad Phares
Chad PharesLayton, Utah

I loved Odessa. It is a quaint city is very walkable and includes a lot of interesting things to see and do. The cobblestone streets are lit up in the evening, giving the city a festive atmosphere any time of the year. I was there in September and it felt like Christmas. The nice thing about Odessa is they speak Russian there -- not Ukrainian, so it was way easier for me to communicate.

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