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United States
Barrow, Alaska is the northern most city in the United States. A unique local geography keeps this North Pole straddling city from freezing over completely, but temperatures for Barrow’s almost five thousand residents are still very low year round. Barrow has been the site for several works of fiction, including …

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Juno Kim
Juno KimAnchorage, Alaska, USA

If you are interested in Alaska native (Inupiaq) culture and Arctic landscape, Utqiagvik is a great place to visit. Check out the culture center, meet locals, hitchhike, and walk around the beach. You will feel the spirits!

Carol Bochert
Carol BochertPunxsutawney, Pennsylvania

A fun little place to visit on the Artic Ocean but not much there. If you go fly in at night, spend the next day, and fly out that night.

Eliza Eubanks
Eliza EubanksLake Worth, Florida, USA

Quanset Hut in Barrow- there is no place like a hut home.