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The Wild West town of Dodge City had a glorious decade from 1875 to 1886, serving as a home base for hunters and traders. The common pastime soon switched to gambling and lawlessness with the extermination of the buffalo. Coincidentally, the economy today thrives on meat packing. Visitors come to …

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@WayneAtherholtSt. Petersburg, Florida, USA

Dreary downtown with little to offer. Lots of potential but investment seems to be in parking lots. To park for what? Boot Hill Museum and a small water park make an overnight visit all that's needed.

John H
John HDenver, Colorado, USA

The train made a stop in Dodge City while I was traveling on Amtrak's Southwest Chief Train Number 4 from Los Angeles to Chicago.

Cindy Poteet
Cindy PoteetOklahoma City, Oklahoma

We went to the Imel Reunion at Dodge City in the summer of 1986 when Kimberly, my hubby's first born, met Great Aunt Faye, Grandma Grace's sister, who lived with the Freemans.


Get out of this place as soon as you can.

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