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If you're not from around there, the word Fargo is likely to bring up a picture of a bleakly cold town on the northern tundra - or more likely, the bloody 1990s movie by the Coen Brothers (although no scene in the movie was actually filmed there). The reality is …

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Things to see and do in Fargo

TJ | Trip by SkyscannerFargo Theatre
Fargo Theatre
Martin Pettitt | FlickrRed River Zoo
Red River Zoo
Eudie | Trip by SkyscannerWest Acres Shopping Center
West Acres Shopping Center
Rudy Grant | Trip by SkyscannerRoger Maris Museum
Roger Maris Museum
Jason W | Trip by SkyscannerSanford Broadway Clinic
Sanford Broadway Clinic
Steve Baumgartner | Trip by SkyscannerFargo Walk of Fame
Fargo Walk of Fame

Reviews of Fargo

Steve Baumgartner
Steve BaumgartnerRochester, Minnesota, USA

We go to Fargo at least once a year, and drive through it other times of the year. Located on the border between Minnesota and North Dakota, it's a great spot to stop on several trips. They do have some tourist stuff to do, but they also have a good shopping district and some good restaurants as well.

Kip Stolberg
Kip StolbergLos Angeles, California, USA

I went to college in Fargo and I've heard all of the Fargo the movie jokes. Not that the jokes are all that far off, but it's not exactly like that. Not many people travel outside of their insulated cocoon and don't understand why anyone would want anything different.

Neil Campbell
Neil CampbellBurnley, Lancashire

Hicksville, USA, for want of a better term! Not very nice there - desolate and dusty as well as quite cold! The people are not bad but they seem to think that people like myself who have travelled are from another planet! Very set in their ways and I only hope that they've changed since the early 1980's.


Nothin special about Fargo.

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