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Memphis straddles the bluffs overlooking the mighty Mississippi river in the southwestern corner of the state and is home to founders and establishers of various American music genres. Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Isaac Hayes and B. B. King all got their start in Memphis in the 1950s. The city offers …

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Things to see and do in Memphis

Monika Levinski | Trip by SkyscannerBeale Street
Beale Street
Shannon Morgan | Trip by SkyscannerGraceland
dearanxiety | FlickrNational Civil Rights Museum
National Civil Rights Museum
Digital Skraps | FlickrMemphis Zoo
Memphis Zoo
Sondra Tatum | Trip by SkyscannerSun Studio
Sun Studio
MrsGrant | Trip by SkyscannerFedExForum
Sean Davis | FlickrShelby Farms Park
Shelby Farms Park
Cheng Qian | Trip by SkyscannerMississippi River
Mississippi River
Louisa M. | Trip by SkyscannerMarch of the Ducks at The Peabody Hotel
March of the Ducks at The Peabody Hotel
bcbuckner | FlickrPink Palace Museum
Pink Palace Museum

Reviews of Memphis

Phoebe B
Phoebe B

I was surprised by how much I loved this place! There is so much history and culture. There were a few places that I felt a little unsafe, but the music is amazing and the food is hard to beat!

Tyson Bramer
Tyson BramerLos Angeles, California, USA

Memphis is a great American city, but it has its flaws. Suffering from blight, the city may seem off-putting to some, but there are truly great cultural attractions here that help showcase American culture.

MabvezLos Angeles, California, USA

There is lots to explore. From the civil rights museum to beale street you will always have something to see and experience. Be ready to cry and sing all in same day.

Virginia Joy Belder
Virginia Joy BelderHuntingdon

Memphis can either be a really awesome,terrible,fun, boring, informative, safe, or scary place 2 visit. All depends on your reason 4 being there, your intentions, what your interest are, how easily you scare, & what part of Memphis that ya accidentally end up in when you get all turned around & lost. They do offer allot of different kinds of entertainment for people of all ages & sexes. They have specialist & hospitals for all illnesses & diseases. There's plenty of Hookers that will do anything for anyone. &, If a 'Buzz' is what your craving. The Dealers aren't very discreet. You'll have no problem at all spotting them. I'm surprised that they don't advertise in the Yellow Pages & hand out coupons. However, if you get paranoid w/yur 'tweak', I wouldn't really advise ya 2 leave that Hotel room. Because my husband & I got a room Thur. night. Cuz, I had 2 be at the hospital 5 AM Fri. 4 surgery. We passed somewhere between 15 & 25 Cop Cars. All of them w/their lights/sirens justa blazing. I was very sober. &, I just have 2 tell ya that that was enough 2 give me a good scare. Make me wanna go hide in the nearest place I could find. Don't have a clue what was going on or what they were doing. But, they looked pretty serious. Like they meant business. Lol

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