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Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, often takes a backseat to the country's natural wonders. Located near the sea under the shadow of Mount Avila, Caracas is a busy city with the world's cheapest gasoline (and the associated traffic) and an excellent metro system. The downtown area of El Silencio features …

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Cristóbal Alvarado Minic | FlickrTeleférico de Caracas
Teleférico de Caracas
Toprural | FlickrCerro El Avila
Cerro El Avila
ruurmo | FlickrParque Nacional El Ávila
Parque Nacional El Ávila
Edgar Gerik | Trip by SkyscannerCentro de Arte Los Galpones
Centro de Arte Los Galpones
Celeny Da Silva | Trip by SkyscannerPlaza Bolívar
Plaza Bolívar
brunosan | FlickrPlanetario Humboldt
Planetario Humboldt
christian.vielma | FlickrPlaza Venezuela
Plaza Venezuela
ruurmo | FlickrJardín Botánico
Jardín Botánico
Celeny Da Silva | Trip by SkyscannerEl Capitolio Nacional
El Capitolio Nacional

Reviews of Caracas

Elizabeth Oropeza
Elizabeth OropezaLima, Peru

According to Frontline World, tourism is Venezuela's second most profitable industry. A large portion of the visitors vacation in the South American country's capital city, Caracas. With four million residents, Caracas is the most populated city in the nation. It also serves as economic, political and commercial center. It's nestled under the 7,800-foot Avila Mountain and located close to the Caribbean Sea, giving it a variable climate. The city features an assortment of fine dining, cultural and historical museums, parks and activities.

Baxter Jackson
Baxter JacksonNizwa, Oman

For a second grader who had never been abroad before, Caracas was just about as exotic as he could imagine - the Amazon full of piranas and anacondas kept only at bay by the four stars of luxury his father's oil company provided. Tales of guerillas in the jungle making nightly incursions into the expat compounds, combined with a ruthless older brother and an unlimited gullibility made Caracas seem like the most dangerous place on earth back in 1979. Now that the oil fields have been expropriated and Chavez's iron fist is in just about everything, things seem to have calmed down 'un poco' since the late 70's.

Matthias Hagemann
Matthias HagemannStuttgart, Germany

Not realy beautiful, strange people ( not all), seems to be unsafe, was happy to leave

David Eastin
David EastinSantander, Spain

Caracas is a crazy city full of fun and lively people. The hills that make up the city are gorgeous and full of different and exciting opportunities. The weather is great here compared with a lot of Venezuela, but it can get really hot and humid. Just be careful in certain parts of the city after nightfall because it can get a little scary.

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