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What to look for when booking a hotel

Book your next vacation accommodations with Skyscanner by considering a few of the things you need to think about to find your ideal hotel room. Enjoy the benefits of a truly relaxing trip by ensuring you are staying in the right place. Here's some tips on what you should consider.

The abundance of cheap flights that can be accessed by travelers has opened up a new world of destinations to discover. The search for a flight to match your budget and needs is the all-important first step towards your next memorable vacation. Skyscanner can help you find the right plane tickets, and they can also set you up with the ideal accommodations for your trip.

With the fast pace of modern life and the demands of the workplace, it’s important to make down-time count. An amazing vacation can be put together with a few clicks of your mouse but it’s important to make those clicks count. The steps to putting together your next vacation are straight-forward and effortless in the digital age, but it’s important to look for certain things when you make your booking.

Book a Hotel Room

The things to look for when booking a hotel remain pretty constant whether you are looking for a weekend break in the States or an international excursion to a distant resort. Take a few moments to consider how to book the perfect accommodations and you can improve your overall vacation experience and ensure relaxation and good times await when you land at your travel destination. We’ve put together some of the things you should consider when you book your next trip.

One of the first steps you can take to ensure you can find the best hotel deal with Skyscanner, in addition to flight and car hire for your travels, is to download the Skyscanner Hotel app. This handy hotel search app for iPhone and iPads can help you find ideal room when you are on the move. Simply select your destination, compare accommodations in the right neighborhood then choose your preferred provider for your top choice of hotels.

Start your search by looking for the best rate available. Skyscanner allows you to compare prices in dollars or a number of other currencies so you can understand exactly what your room will cost you. Options can be filtered by price or star rating to allow you to get closer to the hotel room that is best suited to your budget. You’ll find that in most cases there can be a wide range of prices available and it pays to spend some time examining your options.

Check your dates of travel as this also may affect the deal available. If you have particular dates picked out for your vacation, then you’ll quickly be able to identify the best accommodations at your chosen destination. If your travel dates are flexible then try some different combinations to explore what prices may be available to you if you travel on different days and avoid peak periods for hotels. This strategy can make the most of the search function available to you through Skyscanner and can help you unearth a bargain.

We’re currently experience a period of exciting expansion in travel accommodations with the traditional hotel options and global chains being supplemented by new lodgings that differ in style and amenities. This give a great deal of choice, particularly in the most popular and exciting travel destinations. If you are flying to one of America’s most popular airports and exploring the nearby attractions, be sure to use the interactive map function on the Skyscanner website and app. This useful tool will allow you to zoom in to the area where your potential accommodations is located. You will then be able to compare different neighborhoods to allow you to choose the right place.

It’s always important to pick out a bargain when booking hotel rooms, but it is arguably more important to be in the right location. Skyscanner provides great visibility on your hotel’s position on the street grid and allows you to consider what restaurants, bars or attractions are close by. This precise targeting will let you find the perfect spot, whether you prefer to stay in the heart of the city center, by the beach or close to the countryside. Look at all your potential bookings and compare their distance from key locations in your destination.

With a view to refining your search for accommodations, it’s often advisable to do some research on the neighborhoods that are most suitable for tourists when you are traveling to a destination that is unfamiliar. If you are embarking on your first trip to a particular destination then search for reputable travel advice or have a look at the content elsewhere on the Skyscanner blog. Armed with the names of some districts of the city or town that appeal to you, your hotel search results will allow you to select available rooms specifically in these locations. This will further allow you to make an informed choice and set up your vacation to get off to the right start.

Some travelers seek out boutique hotels or bespoke accommodations options when they travel on vacation. Others favor the familiar standards of service and reassuring consistency of international or American hotel chains. Part of the attraction of chains comes with the amenities they provide and also some of the characteristics each property shares in terms of amenities and leisure facilities.

Skyscanner’s search pages for hotels allows you to see the brands that operate at the destination you have selected. If you have a particular preference it is very easy to see if that is available where before you make your selection.

When you are close to making your final choice of accommodations it is time to think about the basis on which you are booking the room. This starts with considerations on how many people will sleep in each room and what type of beds will be required. This further allows you to get closer to your ideal choice and identify the price you will be paying per night.

Beyond these necessary details, it is possible to compare rooms based on the cancellation policy in place so you know whether your reservation can be amended or canceled. In some cases the booking made is a final confirmation of your stay, in other cases, your hotel provider may offer terms based on their own cancellation policy.

Book a room with a view with Skyscanner

Book a room

Beyond these necessary details, it is possible to compare rooms based on the cancellation policy in place so you know whether your reservation can be amended or canceled. In some cases the booking made is a final confirmation of your stay, in other cases, your hotel provider may offer terms based on their own cancellation policy.

With the ability to look through pictures of the hotel rooms and other views of the accommodations, you will have a clear picture of where you will be staying on your vacation when you make your booking. Final things to think about include whether you wish to include breakfast or dinner packages that may be available at your hotel.

Other considerations include which amenities matter to you most. Skyscanner hotel searches allow you to access information on whether your desired hotel provides air conditioning or facilities like parking, airport transfer transportation or 24-hour front desk service. Business travelers may be interested to discover whether their accommodations have a business center with facilities to allow you to continue your work. For others, specific amenities for families might be more important. All these things are important when booking a hotel and they are all available in a clear and useful format on the Skyscanner website or hotel app.

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