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Best Wakeboarding Destinations in the US

The United States has some of the best wakeboarding lakes in the world. With the amount of lakes a wakeboarder can find a place to get on the water 365 days a year. Check out our top picks for 2019.

The United States is a huge country so you can expect diverse landscapes, from mountains to beautiful coastlines. Because of that, the country is home to some of the best terrain for adventurers looking to boost their adrenaline, like wakeboarders.

Wakeboarding is a unique experience and the joy of catching waves is a euphoric. So to all the wakeboard lovers out there, if you are looking to ride some of the best waves to look no further. Here’s your list of top places to wakeboard in the United States.

Our top picks:

  1. Lake Powell
  2. Lake Shasta
  3. Wailua River
  4. Blue Lake
  5. Suwanee River
  6. Table Rock Lake
  7. Lake Austin

Lake Powell

Along the border of Utah and Arizona, you will find Lake Powell. Although, it is mostly on the Utah side of the Colorado River. This lakes is the second largest man-made lakes created in the United States with about 190 miles of blue water.

With its blue waters, Lake Powell brings in about two million visitor a year so it is safe to say it is a popular destination. But do not be intimidated by this large number. The lake is so large that you won’t have to worry about other people in the water. Along with its blue waters, it has beautiful scenery to take in with 96 major canyons.

Blue waters and red canyons make the perfect backdrop for adventure. 

Flights to Lake Powell – St. George, UT

Lake Shasta

Located ten miles north of Redding, California is Lake Shasta. It covers 30,000 acres of surface area with many coves and inlets to also explore. Because of that, it is said to be one of the best wakeboarding spots in Northern California. You can see it for yourself with all the features from Wakeboarding Magazine or the Wakeboarding Academy.

Lake Shasta does bring many visitors so it is recommended to visit after 6pm when day trippers leave and the water goes back to its perfect, glassy surf conditions.

Lake Shasta
Shasta Lake during the sunset. Perfect waters and views. 

Flights to Lake Shasta – Redding, CA

Wailua River

Wailua River stretch 20-miles and is surrounded by beautiful scenery with a lot to see on your way there. Right along the east coast of Kauai, it is known as one of the best rivers on the main Hawaiian islands to wakeboard. It is also one of the few easily explorable rivers in Hawaii. Because of that, it makes the river a popular destination for wakeboarder along with tourists.

If there are too many tourists in the area, you can always take a break to explore the area which consists of the 100-foot Secret Falls or the Kamokila Hawaiian Village.

Hawaii is an incredible place for wakeboarders. 

Flights to Wailua River – Kauai Island, Hawaii

Blue Lake

When the lake was featured as the backdrop for X Games Gold Medalist Danny Harf’s wake boarding video, Blue Lake became a top location for many wakeboarders. The only issue is the area. The lake’s location is a secret so not everyone will have the ability to experience its Caribbean-blue waters and perfect water conditions.

It is also rumored to be privately owned land so if you decided to search for the lake, do so with much precaution.

Suwannee River

Right along Florida and Georgia is home to one of the best wakeboard courses according to Wakeboard Magazine. Suwannee River is a hot spot for the water sport as it has hosted a few professional competitions like Wakeskate Pro Tour. Due to its popularity, some of the biggest names in wakeboarding have ridden the waters. It is even Nick Taylor’s backyard which is where the Suwannee Pro is held.

Flights to Suwanee River – Atlanta, GA

Table Rock Lake

Table Rock Lake is one of Missouri’s most-visited water sports and fishing destinations.  Aside from that, it is home to the MasterCraft Pro Wakeboarding Competition for several years so the water must be special.

If you decide to come in the summer, leave the wetsuit at home. The water tends to reach the perfect temperature of around 70 degrees F.

Table Rock Lake
Table Rock Lake is located just 10 miles from Branson, MO making it a perfect getaway.

Flights to Table Rock Lake – Branson, MO

Lake Austin

To those who reside in the hot city, Lake Austin is the place they go to to cool off. It is a popular lake that consists of both partying and having fun riding the waves. Some wakeboarder might be turn-off by the ambiance but if you head 20 minutes north, you will find another spot – Lake Travis. Here, there are fewer boats and partying and is more focused on wakeboarding.

Lake Austin is a popular tourist and resident spot. Wakeboarding happens every clear day on Lake Austin.

Flights to Lake Austin – Austin, TX

Ready To Hit The Lakes?

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