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How to Find Flight Deals in 2019

The top tools and tricks for scoring incredible flight deals!

It’s the number one question travelers ask:

How do I find cheap flight deals?

Here at Skyscanner, we combine eight of the best ways to find flight deals, all within one page.

When you search for flights on Skyscanner, you’re actually searching thousands of major online travel agencies and airlines at the same time. Skyscanner instantly shows you the cheapest prices from across the internet for your particular flight.

Check out these handpicked, ultra-cheap flight deals to give you inspiration for your next trip:

Departure CityDestination Travel MonthRoundtrip Price
Las Vegas ChicagoMay$131
New YorkMadridMay$356
AustinSan FranciscoJune$127
Washington PortlandAugust$212
Los AngelesParisSeptember$404
New York JFKLondonJune$418
ChicagoMexico CityMay$223
Los AngelesTokyoSeptember$488

These prices were valid as of April 23, 2019, and may not always be available. Bookmark this page – we’ll be updating it regularly!

The best ways to find flight deals? Here are our top tips:

  1. Consider a Bonus Destination
  2. Keep an eye on our weekly updated Last Minute Flight Deals
  3. Subscribe to Airline Newsletters
  4. Use Whole Month or Cheapest Month search
  5. Compare One-way vs. Round-trip
  6. Be Flexible (and use ‘Search Everywhere‘)
  7. Plan in Advance (with Price Alert and Best Time to Book!)
  8. Use Skyscanner

How to Find Flight Deals

1. Consider a Bonus Destination

What’s a bonus destination? Just what it sounds like!

If you already know where you want to fly, but the flights to that destination are too expensive, try figuring out an in-between destination as a first (or last) stop.

An in-between destination could make your flight to your primary destination cheaper by allowing you to book two cheaper flights (adding a stop!) and spending a couple of days at the city in-between.

For example, let’s say you want to fly from Portland, Oregon to London, U.K. on February 15th.

The cheapest flight will cost you $324 and take a whopping 23 hours, or the easiest flight will take 16.5 hours and cost you $392.

Instead, you could choose to fly directly to Boston on the 15th for $209, spend the weekend, and fly out to London on the 18th for $123 for a total cost of $332, an added Bonus Destination, and a total air travel time of only 11.5 hours.

The best way to discover these secret in-between places is by using Skyscanner’s ‘Search Everywhere’ feature:

  1. Input your home airport as the Origin airport.
  2. Then put ‘Everywhereas the destination.
  3. Make a note of the cheapest destinations to fly to.
  4. Search again and see if any of the cheapest destinations offer cheap flights to your Original Destination.

This method requires a lot of trial and error but can score you INCREDIBLE flight deals. (And it gives you a bonus city to visit 😊)

2. Last Minute Flight Deals

When you check our frequently updated Last Minute Flight Deals page, you’ll see a clear list of the best deals our experts have recently found.

We also regularly update a separate page with Daily Flight Deals.

When airlines realize they have a lot of unsold seats on a given route, they’ll occasionally drop the prices to avoid flying with empty seats.

Moral of the Story? Never assume prices will be expensive at the last minute. Sometimes last minute flight deals will be as cheap as they ever get!

3. Subscribe to Airline Newsletters

We know these emails get annoying when you’re not in the market for a flight, but the deals offered directly by airlines can’t be beaten.

Newsletters are typically the first place an airline announces a new flight deal, which typically only run for a short period of time (sometimes hours, sometimes days).

Insider tip? Create an email account that you use specifically to subscribe to your favorite airlines’ newsletters. This way, you won’t get spammed when you don’t need a flight. But when you do need to find a cheap flight deal, the best ones will be conveniently listed in your flight-hacking inbox!

4. Use Whole Month & Cheapest Month Search

Being flexible is always the best way to find flight deals. If you have some wiggle room on the dates you fly, then try searching for the cheapest available dates in a given month (or year!).

To Search Whole Month or Cheapest Month:

When entering your travel dates there are two options at the top of the drop down box that allow you to select ‘Whole Month’ and choose your desired month, or click ‘Cheapest Month’ to search throughout the year.

Perform your flight search as usual and then select ‘Whole Month’ at the top of the drop down list for Departure/Return dates

After clicking search, Skyscanner will show you the cost of the flight on each day throughout the month of your choice. The flights are color-coded green, yellow, and red to show you which days offer the best deals.

Searching ‘Whole Month’ will show you a breakdown of the flight price on every day that month

Travelers can also choose to search “Cheapest Month” to see the cheapest month throughout the entire year to travel to their desired destination.

5. Compare One-way vs. Roundtrip

When booking a roundtrip flight it’s important that you search for it as a roundtrip flight and as two separate one-way flights.

Occasionally, airlines will list roundtrip flights as ‘packages’ that are cheaper than if you were to book the legs individually.

However, sometimes the opposite is true and flights will be cheaper when you book your flights each way individually.

6. Be Flexible to Find the Best Flight Deals (Search Everywhere!)

Skyscanner’s ‘Search Everywhere’ feature is a flexible traveler’s best friend.

Looking for flight deals and travel inspiration?

‘Search Everywhere’ allows you to input your home airport and desired dates to see a list of the cheapest destinations to fly to.

For truly flexible fliers, you can combine the Search Everywhere feature with the Whole Month/Cheapest Month searches mentioned above to find the ultimate flight deals.

To Search Everywhere simply type “Everywhere” in the destination field and Skyscanner will show you a list of the cheapest destinations

7. Plan in Advance for Top Flight Deals

To find flight deals, plan in advance.

Not necessarily because flights are cheaper when you book in advance, but because our favorite tools – like Price Alert and the Best Time to Book – work best when you can plan ahead.

Use the Best Time to Book feature to find flight deals

The Best Time to Book page will help you save money by utilizing Skyscanner’s vast database of knowledge on flight prices and their trends. Thanks to our data on millions of flight bookings over the years, we can tell you:

  • The cheapest day and time to book flights
  • The cheapest month to fly internationally and domestically
  • How far in advance to book domestic and international flights
  • The best time to book flights to popular destinations like London, Cancun, and Barcelona
  • …and more

Use Price Alert to find flight deals

Price Alert is the ultimate tool for finding flight deals when you know your origin and destination.

If you have multiple destinations in mind, try setting a Price Alert for each destination. We’ll notify you when any of the destinations drop in price and hopefully help you pick your next getaway location!

Setting a Price Alert online:

flight deals
Click “Get Price Alerts” on the flight search results screen

Setting a Price Alert on the Skyscanner App:

When searching for flights on the App, click the Bell on the bottom left corner of the results screen to instantly set a Price Alert

8. Use Skyscanner to Find Flight Deals

Yes, we’re biased. But when you conduct a search on Skyscanner, we scour the entire web to find the cost of your flight from as many sources as possible. This gives you the best possible flight deals for your desired route.

From the time you click ‘search’ our system is scanning millions of different travel options to offer you the cheapest prices. Then you have the option to book from whichever source you choose, based on the prices– direct through the airline or through an online travel agency.

Flight Deals
After searching for your desired flight, Skyscanner shows you the cheapest places to book across the web

Looking for Flight Deals on Specific Airlines?

These pages are regularly updated with the most current flight deals:

Also, check out:

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