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Top Weekend Getaway Ideas for Memorial Day 2019 & Best Time to Book

Heading out of town for Memorial Day weekend? You still have time to book your getaway at very good rates! This holiday is a popular weekend for travel every year, and you shouldn't miss out on enjoying it with family and friends.

Memorial Day is a great excuse to escape and relax, since it allows you a whole extra day of time to be spent with your family. Don’t waste that rare Monday off moping around your house! Use our search engine now to get out of town, see some fireworks, have an adventure, and most importantly, honor those who serve while you’re away. Don’t miss out!


Fast Facts: Best Time to Book Memorial Day Flights

Best savings: Six weeks or twenty weeks in advance
(-8% savings)
Best month to book: February (-5% savings)
Worst savings:
One week before Memorial Day (+9% more)
Average search lead-time:
53 days is the average time before Memorial Day that people book their flights.

What is Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the U.S. which was created to remember those who served in the country’s armed forces and passed away. It’s customary to visit cemeteries or memorials on this day to honor those who died during military service.

When is Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is held every year on the last Monday in May. Memorial Day 2019 is on Monday, May 27.

Memorial Day was last held on May 28, 2018. The holiday unofficially marks the start to the summer for some people. Many countries around the world celebrate Memorial Day, but it falls on different days and they have their own traditions to honor their fallen soldiers.

Check out the top spots for Memorial Day Getaways

Best Time to Book Memorial Day Flights

The Cheapest month to book Memorial Day flights

We looked at our search data from 2018 and found that February is the best time to book flights for the Memorial Day weekend when the average flight price is $409 which is down 5% compared to other months.

Weeks in advance to book Memorial Day Flights

Although booking in February had the lowest average prices, our data also showed that booking six weeks or twenty weeks in advance will get you a savings of 8%. If you were to book flights one week before Memorial Day, you would end up paying 9% more, so don’t wait!

The average price for Memorial Day Flights

When looking at our data from the entire year, the average price for Memorial Day flights was $495. Keep in mind that this is just an average and if you recall, February is the best month to book cheap flights during Memorial Day weekend when the average is $409.

Popular domestic destinations for Memorial Day weekend

Check out the most searched for domestic destinations for Memorial Day from 2018! 👇 

Popular international destinations for Memorial Day weekend

Below are the most popular searches for international destinations from Memorial Day 2018.

Destinations that increase the most in price for Memorial Day travel

Traditionally, it’s more expensive to travel during the week of Memorial Day compared to the week before the holiday. Our data shows that there can be quite the price difference for flights to the following cities.

If you’re looking to travel to the below destinations for Memorial Day, consider setting a Price Alert in advance to get notified when flight prices drop!

Destination Avg. Price Before Memorial Day Avg. Price During 
Memorial Day
New York
$292.32 $353.51 21%
Las Vegas
$302.27 $363.81 20%
$414.53 $510.19 23%
$642.95 $709.92 10%
Mexico City $310.32 $401.94 30%
Cape Cod
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How far out people book flights for Memorial Day

On average, people book their Memorial Day flights 53 days in advance. That’s not to say that you get the best price on that date, it just happens to be the average days in advance that people book their flights based on our data.

Need some inspiration on destinations to escape for the Memorial Day getaway?

Whether you’re looking for the classic American weekend in Cape Cod, a margarita filled Key West getaway, or a sultry couples weekend in Cancun, we’ve got inspiration on the top destinations to get away for the holiday long weekend.

Our guide to the Top Destinations for Memorial Day Weekend is sure to help inspire you to take advantage of the holiday, whether with family or friends.