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Travel News For a Truly Unique Travel Experience, Hitch a Ride on the Airbus A380

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For a Truly Unique Travel Experience, Hitch a Ride on the Airbus A380

Think of the Airbus A380 aircraft as a luxury limo bus with wings. Not only is it the largest commercial airplane in the world, its revolutionary double-deck design is a marvel to behold both from an exterior and interior prospective.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of flying on an A380, you don’t know what you’re missing. The experience is incredible, and that’s precisely the reason why we’d like to highlight all of the U.S. routes that fly the A380 on a daily basis.

Tell Me More About the A380 Experience

We could burn a thousand words on what it’s like to be inside the cabin of an A380 aircraft, but then we wouldn’t have the time to talk about anything else today. So, rather than describe the experience using poignant literary prose, we thought it’d be cool to share the following video…

Pretty dope, right? Keep in mind that aircraft cabins are often customized and/or branded to meet a buyer’s requirements, but as far as the overall look and feel goes, the video above nails it.

U.S. Routes that Fly the A380

There are eight U.S. airports that service the A380. They are…

1. San Francisco (SFO) – Three Destinations 2. Los Angeles (LAX) – Nine Destinations 3. Dallas (DFW) – Two Destinations 4. Houston (IAH) – Two Destinations 5. Atlanta (ATL) – One Destination 6. Miami (MIA) – Three Destinations 7. Washington, DC (IAD) – One Destination 8. New York (JFK) – Six Destinations

The A380 also flies between Toronto and Dubai, so keep that in mind if you live in the Northeast and are looking to make that trip.

Where You Can Go

We’ve come to the bulk of our article, so bear with us. This section will be made up of eight mini sections, each representing one of the airports listed above.

San Francisco: If you want to hop on the A380 out of San Francisco, you’ll need to travel to Frankfurt, Dubai or London.

Click the image to find flights to Frankfurt

Los Angeles: LAX is one of the busiest international airports in the country, and if you want to catch a ride on an A380, you have nine destinations to choose from. For example, you can head to Paris to enjoy a little culture and relaxation, but if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, consider traveling to London, Dubai, Guangzhou, Seoul, Tokyo, Sydney, Melbourne or Frankfurt.

Visit China by clicking the image

Dallas: Dallas is one of the main flight-connection hubs in the country, and that’s cool because those living in surrounding states can hop on a quick flight to Dallas before boarding the A380 and heading to either Sydney or Dubai.

Find direct flights to Sydney by clicking the image

Houston: Houston has two routes that fly the A380, so if you’re interested in traveling to Frankfurt or Dubai and IAH airport is close to where you live, why not book a flight on one of the coolest commercial aircraft known to man?

See what Dubai has to offer by clicking the image

Atlanta: The busiest airport in the U.S. only has one daily route that flies the A380, and that route will take you to Seoul, Korea.

Find cheap flights to Seoul by clicking the image

Miami: Aviation Geeks and travel enthusiasts alike will be thrilled to know that you can fly on the A380 out of Miami and head to Frankfurt, Paris or London.

See the City if Light by clicking the image

Washington, DC: If you live in the northeast, your best chance to land a spot on an A380 flight would be in New York at JFK airport (more on that in just a second). JFK, however, isn’t the ideal choice for every Northeastern traveler, so it might benefit you to know that you can get a seat on an A380 aircraft out of IAD airport, but only if you plan to visit London.

Head to London by clicking the image

New York: The airport named after John Fitzgerald Kennedy offers travelers six daily routes that fly the A380. If you live in the Northeast, want to fly on the A380 and are interested in visiting Paris, Frankfurt, Dubai, Seoul, Milan or Abu Dhabi, you can accomplish that in New York with daily trips to each destination.

Abu Dhabi
Explore Abu Dhabi by clicking the image

Make Your A380 Dreams a Reality

Now that you know what U.S. routes fly the A380, it’s time to tell you how to search for, find and book tickets on those flights.

Airbus, being the customer-centric-loving company that they are, was kind enough to create Here, travelers can search for A380 fights that will take you to and from the destinations mentioned above. When your search is complete and you’ve found the trip you’re looking for, revisit the Skyscanner flight search engine, enter your trip details and lock in the lowest possible rate!

Enjoy the Journey

Ralph Waldo Emmerson once wrote, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” Now, in some ways, flying on the Airbus A380 is the kind of the same. Sure, the destination matters in the end, but the journey to get there is what you’re likely to remember most.

Have fun and travel safe, everyone. We’ll see you again soon.