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Skyscanner Facts and Figures

This Factsheet will give you a quick snapshot of Skyscanner, with all the latest details, stats and figures that you have been looking forward to know more about! *Updated November 2017.

Skyscanner’s Journey

Skyscanner’s CEO and co-founder Gareth Williams became fascinated with computers as a teenager. Pursuing his love of code, he went on to study Mathematics and Computing at Manchester University. After university, Gareth worked as a ‘programmer for hire’, and as a keen skier would regularly escape to the slopes between contracts. However, Gareth soon became frustrated with the difficult and tedious process of searching multiple airline and travel agent websites to find the best flight prices.

Gareth envisioned a solution: a single website that could collect, collate and compare prices for every commercial flight in the world. A pub brainstorming session with friends and co-founders Barry Smith and Bonamy Grimes followed, and from a single excel spreadsheet, Skyscanner was born.

Skyscanner initially grew by word of mouth and, when thousands of people were using the prototype site every day, the three founders quit their day jobs. They opened an office in Edinburgh, and officially launched the Skyscanner site in 2003.

Now, with over 800 employees and ten offices across the world, Skyscanner is a leading global travel search site, offering not only flight search, but hotel and car rental comparison too.

Skyscanner in a Snapshot:

• Skyscanner is the world’s travel search site, saving you time and money by finding the best travel options to wherever you want to go.

• We are free and unbiased – over 60 million travelers around the world trust us every month to help them find the best flights, hotels and car rentals.

• Our secret is in our self-built, innovative technology and global network connecting you directly to everything the travel industry has to offer.

• Available online (desktop and mobile) and through our popular app (iOS and Google Play stores), we can help you find inspiration for your next trip as well as the best travel deals.

• As of December 2016, Skyscanner is now part of the Ctrip family.

Statement on CTRIP

We’ve reached market leader status and this news with Ctrip propels us forward and allows us to take the business to the next level. This is an important and exciting step in our journey of accelerated global growth. Skyscanner will remain operationally independent and continue to deliver the Skyscanner products that travellers know and love.

Key Facts and Figures:

Founded in 2003, we’re more than just a metasearch– our self-built technology is unique and our direct connections with partners mean we have the most comprehensive coverage out there.




Global employees 

Over 900 


Number of offices 

10 global offices – Barcelona, Beijing, Budapest, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Miami, Shenzhen, Singapore and Sofia


Number of nationalities 

Over 50 


Monthly active users 

Over 60m 


App downloads 

Over 70m 


Languages available 

Over 30 


Number of global partners  

1,200 (this includes flights, hotels, and car rentals) 



Solid Revenue Growth  

Accounted for mid-to-high single digit of Ctrip group revenues on a pro-forma basis.

£120 million ($183 million), up 28% compared to the prior year 


Maintained at around 20%  

Normalised EBITDA before statutory adjustments was £22 million ($34 million), up 5 percent YOY 

Gross bookings  



Regional visitor breakdown 

Around 15% for the Americas 


Regional visitor increase 

Almost 25% Americas/ Over 40% APAC/ Over 20% Europe

APAC 48%/ China 67%/ Europe 42%/ Americas 55% 


Accounts for 61% of all traffic 

60% growth and represents 59% visitors 

Other stats  

· 49 countries with over 1 million users per year 

· Skyscanner helps users book more than 2 million flights a month 

· Over 1000 API and White Label partnerships



Skyscanner Flights

Skyscanner’s comprehensive and free flight search includes clever features to help travellers make smart decisions.

Filter by airline, flight duration, number of stops and time, or set up a price alert to track prices for a particular route.

Take some inspiration: use our ‘everywhere’ feature to see all the possibilities from your local airport, filtered by price.

Or, why not select ‘nearby airports’ to widen your search, or view prices across a whole month or even a year to compare prices and find the cheapest times to travel.

Skyscanner Hotels

Hotel search made simple, with millions of rooms worldwide, from 5-star to boutique and budget options.

Find your perfect hotel: filter results by price, location, points of interest, amenities and user ratings.

Easy to browse, easy to share: bookmark favourite hotels, send to friends, or swipe through images without leaving the main results page. You can even view results on maps that toggle between the location of a specific hotel and the pricing of hotels nearby.

Skyscanner Car Rentals

Easily compare thousands of destinations and thousands of car rental deals.

With global and local car rental providers in over 200 countries across the world, you’ll find the perfect deal for your trip.

Results are sorted by price and selected car size, with features including ‘downtown pickup’ and a ‘fair fuel’ policy. Or, filter by pick-up at the airport terminal, car type, price range or star rating.

Send yourself an email quote, or sign up to a car rental booking reminder email shortly before you travel.

Company Strategy

• Skyscanner as a dynamic marketplace: transitioning towards seamless shop store-front concept of metasearch • A personalised travel search experience for every traveler: framing offers, options, and deals in a way that is easy to understand and adds real value to travelers’ search experience • A highly local approach: Skyscanner aims to offer users a global product that is tailored to meet their local market needs • We put the traveller first: Skyscanner is user-first, meaning we put the trust and loyalty of users above all else

What Makes Skyscanner Successful:

1. Best-in-class, proprietary technology
Thanks to our founders and engineering talent, we have built our travel search technology from the ground up, making it proprietary and best-in-class. This means we have direct connections with partners, so we can provide the best, most up-to-date range of options for travellers.

This makes us a unique travel marketplace: unlike other travel search sites, we’re not reliant on obtaining our search results through a third party. This is something our consumers and recognise: 60 million unique monthly users, 60 million app downloads. This is something our customers and competitors also recognise: we power hundreds of well-known brands such as MSN and Lonely Planet

2. Emphasis on Technology and Innovation
Our tech-related spend is close to 50%, which is almost as much as companies like LinkedIn and Facebook. By contrast tech spend by online travel players is between 3% and 12%. Start-up culture driving rapid growth: squad and tribe model. Industry leader: NDC, Bots etc (Alexa, Skype, Facebook). Wealth of insights and data over a decade into how consumers search, book and travel and that allows us to further improve our product.

3. The most comprehensive choice of travel options Pull examples above and emphasise that we’re metasearch+] no other company can offer such comprehensive global coverage to give customers confidence that they can find the travel option they want wherever they are travelling – whether this is for flights, hotels and car hire. We couple this global coverage with a dedicated focus on bringing consumers locally tailored products for the best experience

4. The most global local travel search in the world Tailored products per market, available in over 30 languages and over 150 currencies, we couple comprehensive global coverage with far-reaching local coverage.

5. Consistent growth globally Seven consecutive years of double-digit growth, previous investment from major players including Sequoia, and still growing at an accelerated pace globally.

Ours is an industry that operates in the margins of efficiency – it’s a game of inches not miles. We’ve learnt that, we’ve done the hard yards, we’ve done it for over 10 years and therefore we are incredibly efficient at it and you see that in the conversion rates for partners and how they want to work with us. Now part of the Ctrip family: Skyscanner remains operationally independent.

Skyscanner Partners Brand

The world’s leading travel distribution platform

More than $11.2 billion ticket sales in 2015

First meta to adopt the NDC standard; leading the way for distribution through Direct Booking

Pioneer of new bot technology as first meta to develop Alexa voice service, Facebook Messenger and Skype bots

Most advanced partner data analytics suite offered globally through Connect and Travel Insight

Over 1000 API and White Label partnerships

With over 50 million monthly visitors, upwards of $11.2 billion in ticket sales in 2015 and 40% year on year growth, Skyscanner is the world’s leading travel distribution platform. Our partners’ success is our success. That’s why we’re constantly developing industry pioneering technology to enable high quality travel ticket sales and drive brilliant results for our partners.

From being the first travel search engine to adopt IATA’s NDC standard into our platform, to building chat bots and developing new conversational ways for users to search for travel, through to our advanced data analytics suites – we are committed to being at the very forefront of travel technology.

The travel industry is evolving rapidly and we are committed to leading and delivering success for our partners so that they can capitalize in the fast-paced digital travel environment and thrive in the evolving traveller eco-system.

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All customer inquiries should be made through our Contact Us form. For more information for our customers please visit our Help Center.

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