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Spring Break Costs 2018

You may have already seen our top Spring Break destinations but here is some cost information for your entire trip.

Spring Break costs will always be a factor when picking your destination, but we looked at our data and were surprised at how cheap some destinations are. It turns out, the cost of Spring Break in Cancun costs much more than heading to Las Vegas. Read below for our breakdown on the average spring break costs.

The Average Spring Break Costs

Our average Spring Break costs are based on the cheapest cost of flights in March 2017 from the US, a single note hotel stay, and food & drink for a day which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, a cup of coffee, and a beer. We then ranked them from the cheapest to most expensive destinations.

Spring Break Cost Infographic

Obviously, you’re not going to any of these destinations for a single day (okay, maybe Vegas for a day would be worth it), but we wanted to show you quickly what the average Spring Break costs are.

When you really start to examine the list, you start to realize that there are many misconceptions about travel. A lot of people traditionally believe that Las Vegas is expensive, but it turns out it’s the cheapest destination for Spring Break.

Round-trip flights to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami can be found for less than $100, but their hotel prices are on the higher end of the price range. Stay in one of those locations for a week and the overall costs move them closer to the bottom of the list.

Interesting enough, Dublin and Madrid have some of the more expensive flight prices, but a week-long stay in one of those European destinations would be cheaper than going to Cabo or Punta Cana.

When thinking about the traditional top Spring Break destinations, Nassau, the Bahamas, Cancun, and Puerta Vallarta offer really good value.

Unfortunately, if you were targeting Hawaii, it has the highest average Spring Break costs.

Average Costs for Spring Break 2018

Destination Flight Costs *Based on a search from US to Destination for March 2018 Average Hotel Cost Average Food/Drink Cost Total Estimated Stay
Las Vegas $50 $122 $45 $217
Los Angeles $76 $175 $41 $292
San Francisco $48 $221 $43 $312
Miami $75 $222 $47 $344
Nassau $137 $186 $45 $386
Bahamas $209 $137 $46 $392
Puerto Vallarta $231 $170 $25 $426
Bahamas $209 $137 $46 $392
Cancun $276 $174 $23 $433
Madrid $315 $150 $36 $392
Cabo $221 $267 $26 $392
Punta Cana $262 $244 $42 $548
Dublin $371 $170 $41 $582
Honolulu $369 $217 $41 $627

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