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Explore Skyscanner’s Flight Comparison Map

Among Skyscanner’s heaps of awesome key features, one of the most useful yet under utilized is their flights comparison interactive map. If you’re someone who gets a kick out of envisioning places you’ll travel to on a map, this visual airfare mapping technology will be your new favorite! It gives you an overview of the available flight prices to anywhere in the world following the details you set and it’s unbelievably easy to use! Ready to give it a go?


How to Use the Flights Comparison Map

Getting started is pretty simple! You can either directly visit the flights comparison map here or click the link to the map at the upper right hand corner of Skyscanner’s homepage.

Skyscanner Map Feature

You’ll be asked to enter the airport you are intending to fly from which you may be able change at anytime of course to experiment on different starting points to get the best possible deals.

Skyscanner Map Feature

Thereafter, a visually appealing flights comparison map speckled with green and red dots will unravel before your eyes and probably make you squeal a bit due to excitement. We know how that feels!

Skyscanner Map Feature
Don’t get overwhelmed with all the options presented to you just yet! The green dots indicate direct flights while the red indicates indirect flights from the airport you choose. Tooltips may only appear on popular routes or cities, but prices will be displayed on the dots upon hover.

Use the magnifier tool at the top right to zoom into more destinations within a particular area and zoom out when you want to fully expand the entire world on your screen and wait for the dots to pop up everywhere.

Get inspired to finally look into the places you’ve been dreaming of or discover new ones to set foot on! Suddenly it’s not too tough to pick a travel destination anymore! Whether you need a vacation that works with your budget or dream of an adventure getaway as far away as possible, Skyscanner’s flight comparison map will help you decide where to go, that’s for sure!

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How to Find the Cheapest Dates to Fly on the Map

Skyscanner Map Feature

Now select the month, filter by price range and even exclude indirect flights to narrow it all down. You have full control over the most granular data you want to be shown.

The moment you click on a dot, a line connecting the destinations will be drawn triggering to pull more information for the route you have selected and allow you to view flight prices and identify the cheapest dates to fly across the whole month easily with a chart.

Skyscanner Map Feature

Note that prices shown are only estimated lowest prices found within the last 15 days, that is why you need to include all the details necessary to run the search and get live price results from the airlines.

So go on and select what best fits your schedule and budget!

Once you are satisfied, simply click on the green button showing the flight price to be taken back to Skyscanner’s homepage to get the updated live prices.

Skyscanner Map Feature
Don’t worry, you can always go back to the map to adjust some of the details or perform a new search and continue exploring!

You no longer have to throw a dart on a map to pick a random destination! Make it more interactive and informative by being able to compare flights and cheap fares on a virtual flight comparison map! Knowing that most of us are visual beings, this definitely makes planning trips a whole lot better and fun, don’t you think?

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