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Guide to Tipping Around the World

While tipping is a common practice here in the United States, the customs on how to tip vary from country to country. It can be a little confusing figuring out exactly how much to tip your waiter or bellhop while on an international vacation. To make your trip run smoothly, we've compiled a list of tipping guides for 15 popular travel destinations.

1. United States

In the United States tipping is considered common courtesy, however in some countries that is not the case. Before you read about tipping practices in other countries, here are the generally accepted tipping rates in the United States to use as a baseline.

tipping guide United States

2. Argentina

Tipping rates are slightly lower in Argentina than in the United States, however it is still recommended. Here are the suggested rates.

tipping guide Argentina

3. Tipping in Canada

Tipping in Canada isn’t too much of an adjustment, since the rates are very similar to those in the United States. But, just in case, here is a handy guide to walk you through it.

tipping guide Canada

4. Chile

You may be surprised to learn that in Chile it is acceptable to tip in American dollars, however if you have the local currency on hand you should use that instead.

tipping guide Chile

5. China

While in the United States it is considered rude not to tip, in China the opposite is true. It is best to avoid tipping in restaurants and on public transportation.

tipping guide China

6. France

France makes dining out easy by including your tip in your restaurant bill, but you should still tip the hotel staff, and tour guides should be tipped generously.

tipping guide France

7. Germany

Heading to Germany for Oktoberfest? Make sure to bring tip money! Germany has lower tipping standards than the United States, but it is still polite to leave a small amount.

tipping guide Germany

8. India

When you go to a restaurant in India, double check that the tip has not already been included! If it hasn’t, make sure you follow these guidelines.

tipping guide India

9. Ireland

If you’re traveling to Ireland you’re bound to visit a pub or two during your stay. Lucky for you, tipping is not required at bars.

tipping guide Ireland

10. Italy

Tipping at restaurants in Italy is not a requirement, and if you do tip it should be low. With transportation and tours a small tip is fine.

tipping guide Italy

11. Tipping in Japan

Much like China, tipping in Japan is a no go. It is considered an insult, and should be avoided at all costs.

tipping guide Japan

12. Tipping in Mexico

Tipping in Mexico is also very similar to the United States, but it is still helpful to follow this guide.

tipping guide Mexico

13. Portugal

While most European countries require little or no tipping, Portugal will require a little bit more cash. Just be sure to have a few extra euros on hand.

tipping guide Portugal

14. Spain

While tipping can be a little steep for tour guides, it is unnecessary for most other services. Use that extra tip money to buy yourself a nice souvenir!

tipping guide Spain

15. United Kingdom

Pack some extra pounds for this trip! The currency, that is. Tipping is required for most services in the UK, so be polite during your stay.

tipping guide UK

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