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How to visit Walt Disney World like a pro

Whether you have kids or are a kid at heart, Walt Disney World is a vacation destination everyone can love. But how do you see everything in the house Mickey built? Here are some great tips on how to get the most out of your trip.

When to go to Walt Disney World

First let’s talk about when to go. There was a time when the parks would be quiet during certain seasons and you could walk onto just about any ride that you wanted. Those days are gone but don’t give up hope because there are still times that are less crowded than others. As a basic rule, if the kids aren’t in school (holidays, summer vacation, etc.) then the parks will be crowded. For this reason, fall and winter are the best times to visit. This is also nice because this time of year has the most agreeable temperatures in Orlando (no one wants to be standing in a two hour line in 95-degree heat and 100% humidity). Also, if you plan your visit immediately before or after the holidays, you can avoid the holiday crowds while still being able to enjoy the holiday decorations and offerings at the theme parks.

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Where to Stay at Walt Disney World

Once you’ve picked a time of year to go, next you need to figure out where to stay. Without a doubt Orlando is a tourist town and the options are limitless when it comes to places to stay. I prefer to break the accommodations into two categories: size and convenience. If you are traveling with a group of people and you want to be together but still have the opportunity to spread out, then I would recommend looking at a rental home. The vacation rental market skyrocketed in Orlando and there are plenty of bargains to be found. However, there is a drawback. With the boom of vacation rentals, the traffic has also suffered so give yourself at least an extra hour of travel time due to congested roadways.

If you don’t require the extra space, then I strongly recommend staying on property at one of the Disney hotels for four main reasons. First, they are convenient. With a private bus fleet that rivals most cities, it is extremely easy to get around Disney property. Additionally, if you fly into Orlando International Airport, Disney offers complimentary bus service from the airport to any of their resort hotels. Secondly, Guests who stay at the Disney hotels are able to get into the parks earlier than folks who stay off property. This extra hour may not seem like a lot, but don’t underestimate the ability to bypass crowds for an hour. Thirdly, Disney sometimes has special offers for Guests staying in their hotels, such as complimentary meal plan. If you are lucky enough to take advantage of this deal, then you can end up saving several hundred dollars over the length of your vacation. Finally, it’s Disney, so you know the Disney Magic will be interwoven throughout your vacation. Of course, for those benefits, you should expect to pay a premium. The good news is that it is still possible to find a Disney hotel for around $100 per night at what they refer to as their “value” resorts (or you can spend $2,000+ per night to get a 2 bedroom suite at one of their “deluxe” resorts but for that price you can get more bang for your buck at other luxury hotels).

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Reserving the Magic

We all know that Disney can get crowded, even Disney knows. Luckily they gave us some free tools to help you out. By downloading the MyDisneyExperience app to your android or iPhone you can make reservations not only at restaurants, but also at various Disney attractions. I highly recommend this and it will help you to plan your day. I suggest booking dining reservations as early in the planning stage as possible to ensure availability. To book reservations in advance for attractions, you need a park ticket. The app lets you select which day you are going to which park, then you can select a series of FastPasses that will allow you to bypass the line for the attraction of your choice. If you didn’t buy your tickets in advance, you can still use a FastPass kiosk inside the park (although the selection of available attractions may be limited). The nice thing about this feature is that it is free to use and once you’ve selected your FastPasses, you can change them in real time during your day if your plans change. (This app is also convenient for checking wait times throughout the day).

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What to do at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Now that you are at Disney, what should you do? I want to start with the most overlooked park, Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This theme park has some of the greatest rides at Walt Disney World and they can be terrifyingly fun. When you start your day in the park, head to the right for Dinoland U.S.A. This is home to Dinosaur (formerly Countdown to Extinction). Here, after a great narration by the one and only Bill Nye the Science Guy, you will board a Time Rover and be transported back in time to retrieve a friendly dinosaur before the devastating asteroid impact that destroyed most of the life on our planet. Unfortunately this era also has one frightening dinosaur dead set on getting you before the asteroid. After you leave Dinosaur, head into the adjacent roadside carnival of Chester and Hester’s Dino-Rama. Ironically, this type of playful tourist trap is exactly what Walt Disney was fighting against when he built Disneyland, but this kitschy and humorous area is a fun time for all ages.

If you need a break from walking, I highly recommend Finding Nemo the Musical. This stage adaption of the Pixar movie is brilliantly performed by actors holding stylized puppets. The musical score is by the same duo who brought you Avenue Q, The Book of Mormon, and Frozen (go figure, right?). This Broadway caliber production will entertain the entire family (and you might just leave humming a favorite new tune).

Just beyond Finding Nemo, in Asia, is the foreboding Himalayan mountain range which is home to Expedition Everest. On this thrilling roller coaster train ride, you will come face to face and back to back with the Yeti whose sole purpose is to protect the mountain’s summit. Hold on tight, keep your eyes open, and try not to upset the big guy. Further into Asia is the Maharajah Jungle Trek. This walking tour provides you up close and personal views of Bengal tigers and the enormous, yet relatively dormant, fruit bats. These viewings are well worth the walk, and is often less crowded than other portions of the park. If the tigers aren’t the only thing growling at this point, Yak n’ Yeti is a great option for lunch. This Asian inspired sit-down restaurant has portions large enough to easily share. To accompany lunch, you can also take advantage of the fact that alcohol is served in Animal Kingdom.

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Rounding out our walk through Animal Kingdom is Africa. Start with the Kilimanjaro Safari. This open-air SUV ride will take you on an expedition through the plains of Africa. To put it into context, all of the Magic Kingdom theme park could fit into the footprint of this single attraction. Here you will come across lions, giraffes, crocodiles, flamingos, rhinos, and zebras… just to name a few. And this isn’t a stand behind the fence and watch sort of experience. The animals are free roaming so every trip is a little different. It’s not uncommon to have a trip paused for a moment due to a rhinoceros who doesn’t feel like moving from the truck’s path… and let’s face it, even with a truck you don’t want to challenge a rhino. As you leave the safari, wander through the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail to see the gorillas. These fascinating primates are the highlight of the walk. For Africa, and Animal Kingdom as a whole, I have saved the best for last. Festival of the Lion King is a stage show like no other. I call it Cirque Du Soleil lite, as it contain aerial acrobatics, stilt walkers, fire dancers, Olympic gymnasts, and a chorus of incredible Disney singers and dancers. Situated in a theatre in the round, no matter where you sit, you are part of the action. This show alone is worth the price of a park ticket and like every other show and attraction, is free with park admission.

SPECIAL NOTE: Debuting in late April, Disney’s Animal Kingdom will host an original night time show, “Rivers of Light”. This show will take place in the lagoon near Expedition Everest and will combine dancing water and light to create vivid images of the wild all set to a moving soundtrack. Also, the floating rock world of James Cameron’s Avatar can be seen under construction from various locations in the park.

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What to do at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Next on our list is Disney’s Hollywood Studios, formerly Disney-MGM Studios. Like Animal Kingdom, this park is going through a transition. The groundwork is being laid for the largest park expansion in Disney history with the additions of a Pixar themed land and a monumental Star Wars themed land (I will pause for a moment as us fanboys regain composure). Even though this park will be going through a lot of construction, there is still much to see and do.

As soon as you enter the park, make a hard right down Sunset Blvd. At the end of this strip you will find the Hollywood Tower Hotel. On Halloween night of 1939, the hotel was struck by lightning causing five unfortunate souls to vanish into the Twilight Zone. Those of you who are not afraid of a 13-story drop, falling faster than gravity, then step right up to the service elevator of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Right next door to the Tower of Terror is the Rock’n’Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith. The inverted Cadillac above the entrance gives you some hint as to what is in store for you. You will be launched from 0 to 60 in under 3 seconds directly into a loop. It’s one helluva ride and takes you past several of the sights of Los Angeles. If you want to keep the car theme going, head over to the other side of the park and the Sci-Fi Dine-In. This restaurant is best experienced during the day to get the full effect. A seater leads you past the soundstage walls to reveal an outdoor drive-in movie theater contained within the soundstage. As you sit in your vintage convertible, a 1950’s carhop will bring your meal while you watch kitschy science fiction movies on the big screen. Order a milkshake and a burger then snuggle up with the one you love as you take a fun and relaxing break from the park.

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The top attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is Toy Story Mania. This ingenious attraction shrinks you down to the size of a toy in Andy’s room where you get to play with his latest carnival playset. As you travel through the carnival, you pull a cord attached to the lap bar in front of you. The effect of the cord pull depends on which scene of the carnival you are in. In one scene, the cord launches dart to pop balloons, in another scene baseballs are pitched at flying plates, in yet another scene the cord causes rings to be tossed onto little green men. No matter what your age, you will love this ride and keep coming back to top your last score. *Hint: If you work as a team, you can unlock special score multipliers.

And now a moment for the fanboys and girls.Even before Disney purchased Lucasfilm, there was a great partnership with George Lucas. This resulted in two of the best attractions at the park: Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular and Star Tours. The Indiana Jones show is a live stunt show featuring all of the best scenes from Raiders of the Lost Ark from the opening scene boulder chase to the German mechanic losing a fight against a Luftwaffe propeller. You’ll feel the heat from the explosions, you will hold your breath during the fight scenes, and you will live the Indy dream — You might even be picked to play an extra on set. On the other side of the galaxy, but next door to Indy, is Star Tours. This re-imagined Star Wars themed motion simulator begins in a star port where you will see several familiar characters including R2-D2 and C3PO. When you board your StarSpeeder 200 virtually anything can happen. With a random sequence of encounters, no two rides are identical. From Darth Vader to Gungans to Wookies to The Force Awakens, you can ride this attraction over and over and each time will be a new experience.

The final recommendation for Disney’s Hollywood Studios is Fantasmic! This nightly offering combines classic Disney films projected onto screens of watery mist, fireworks, explosions, live performers, and a full-size dragon. As Mickey Mouse falls asleep, the forces of good and evil battle to gain control of his imagination. Arrive early to get a good seat in the amphitheater, but don’t sit in the first few rows or you will get wet.

What to do at Epcot

Without question my favorite part of Epcot is the World Showcase, but we can’t ignore Future World. So let me quickly say, you can’t go wrong in Future World. Visit each of the pavilions and experience each of the attractions: Spaceship Earth, Ellen’s Energy Adventure (a good place to relax), Mission Space (a bad place to relax), Test Track, The Seas with Nemo and Friends, Soarin’ (which is currently being enhanced), and Journey into Imagination with Figment. Each of these attractions are worth visiting and are fun for the family (provided they are tall enough to ride). Now on to the World Showcase.

This permanent world’s fair features romanticized vignettes of different countries from around the world. The selection of food, drink, and souvenirs are unlike anything else at Walt Disney World, and quite frankly wherever you pick to eat or drink, you cannot lose. There is the ever popular, and unofficial, “drink around the world” where the ambitious Guest starts at one side of the World Showcase and stops in each and every country to enjoy an adult beverage. By the time you come back around to your starting point, you should feel satisfyingly toasted. Although those of you with a lesser tolerance may need to be wheeled out. If you are looking for specific highlights, every time that I visit I insist on making three stops for food and drink. Here’s the plan. Facing the World Showcase start to your left (clockwise) at Mexico. Mexico features a charming boat ride that takes you from Mayan ruins to Acapulco and concludes with a brief performance by the Three Caballeros featuring Donald Duck.

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Next visit China and take in the Circle Vision 360 movie. This immersive film will take you across China and through the centuries, but be advised that it is a standing film, so it won’t provide much comfort for those with aching feet. After the film, be sure to visit the terra cotta soldiers in the adjacent museum. From China skip along, or walk…I don’t really care, to Germany. There are two must haves for me in Germany. From any of the quick service location in Germany, order an authentic German pretzel with mustard (much better than the standard park pretzel) and a shot or two of the Apfelkorn schnapps. The drier yet flavorful pretzel goes so well with the syrupy sweet shot.

Continue around the World Showcase to The America Adventure. Rest your tired feet and fulfill your patriotic duty as you watch an emotional show dedicated to the challenges and successes that have built our great country. This show combines slides, video, and audio-animatronic figures that you would swear are real. You will get a chill as you see a stoic George Washington sitting upon his horse at Valley Forge as the wind ruffles the horse’s mane. From America stop into the Mitsukoshi department store in Japan. This unique location offers authentic Japanese merchandise from the sophisticated to the bizarre.

Continuing our trek around the Showcase, as you enter France, stop at the last kiosk on your right along the banks of the River Seine. At this small booth you will find Grand Marnier slushies, a delightfully intoxicating orange cocktail. Save yourself some time and just repeat after me, “do gran mar knee yay, seal voo play.” I’m not entirely sure what this phrase means, but every time I say it, they hand me two drinks, “merci”. Stroll along the gardens and shops of the France Pavilion until you have finished your slushies and then venture in for the film, Impressions de France. This film will allow you to sit down and enjoy the sights and sounds of France from the rural countryside to metropolitan Paris to the relaxed Riviera. As you exit the show, the chocolate mousse available at the bakery is as delicious as it is rich, but you’re on vacation, so indulge. As you leave France, the bridge will take you into the UK. This is home to the popular restaurant and drinking establishment, the Rose & Crown Pub. As the night goes on, the piano and sing-a-longs get louder giving you an unexpected distraction for a park built around family entertainment.

The final stop on the World Showcase tour is Le Cellier in Canada. This restaurant is traditionally very difficult to get into, so I highly recommend making advanced reservations. If you are fortunate enough to get in, then do yourself a favor and order the beer cheese soup. This bacony cheesy good soup is reason enough to stop at Le Cellier. If you are visiting the park during the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival (Sept. 14 – Nov. 14), the soup is also available at the kiosk located at the entrance to the restaurant.

While I have focused on the adult offerings of the World Showcase, who are the intended audience, Disney has made great effort in providing activities for the little ones as well. At each of the countries there are “Kidcot” activities such as coloring pages or mask making. Additionally, there are meet and greet opportunities with characters located in the country of their story’s origin. Head to China to meet Mulan. Snow White can be found in Germany. Belle and Sleeping Beauty are in France. And of course every child who’s seen Frozen will want to visit Norway to meet Anna and Elsa. Between the adult offerings and the children activities, you can easily spend a day just strolling the World Showcase. This also provides you the ultimate viewing of Epcot’s nightly fireworks spectacular, Illuminations – Reflections of Earth.

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What to do at Magic Kingdom

In the fall of 1971, Walt’s Magic Kingdom found a home on the East Coast turning a sleepy citrus community into a top international tourist destination. The thing that I genuinely appreciate about the Magic Kingdom is that Walt’s dream of a place that can be enjoyed by both children and adults was truly realized. As you enter the Magic Kingdom, you will pass under the railroad track as you are transported to a turn of the (last) century town. In the town square, say hello to the statue of Roy Disney seated on a bench with Minnie Mouse. Roy came out of retirement to make his little brother’s dream a reality. As you walk down Main Street U.S.A. be sure to notice the names in the second floor windows. These are a subtle tribute to those dreamers and doers who helped to make the park a reality. Directly ahead is the monumental Cinderella’s Castle (obligatory photo op). In the park in front of the castle is a charming statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse as Partners. Let’s work our way around the lands of the park hitting each of the highlights. Start by heading to your left.

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Adventureland We begin with the mysterious and tropical Adventureland. As you move deeper into the jungle, it feels as though some great story is about to begin with you at the heart of it. For a special treat, stroll through Adventureland at night as it takes on a foreign ambiance, far removed from the hustle and bustle found elsewhere in the park. As you stroll through, look for the skull and crossbones flying next to a Spanish fortress, this is where you will find the Pirates of the Caribbean. This slow moving boat ride takes you back into the realm of pirates as you journey from caves to naval assaults to a comical city raid. This attraction is a classic and has been seamlessly updated to include mermaids, Davy Jones, and of course, Captain Jack Sparrow. As you leave Pirates, head to your left as your surroundings change from Caribbean to Southwestern.

Frontierland Welcome to the old west. The highlight of this land is “the wildest ride in the wilderness”, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. This family friendly (and fun) coaster takes you weaving through the rocky ledges of Big Thunder Mountain. Disney has made some fun updates to the queue, including dynamite plungers which actually interact with the mountain and references to classic Disney western comedies, such as The Apple Dumpling Gang. There is a lot to see and do which keeps the line moving. Once on the train, it is the same ups, down, and seat sliding turns that make this a favorite.

If you don’t mind heights (and getting wet) then stop next door at Splash Mountain. This log flume ride, based on Song of the South, retells Uncle Remus’ story of Brer Rabbit trying to find his laughing place while avoiding Brer Fox and Brer Bear. The climax of that, and your story, is Brer Fox tossing Brer Rabbit into the briar patch as you plummet 5 stories. This is especially fun at night due to the indoor/outdoor scenes. As you wait for your clothes to dry, hop on the Walt Disney World Railroad, where you can effortlessly get to the other side of the park while saving your feet.

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Tomorrowland In Tomorrowland there are a few must-see attractions. First, get in line for Space Mountain. Much like Big Thunder, Disney has added an interactive queue to make the line more entertaining. This roller coaster through the darkness of space is a favorite year after year. Take advantage of shorter lines during the night while the other Guests are claiming a spot for the nightly parade and fireworks. Another Tomorrowland must-do is Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. Perfect for the younger Guests, you have a laser cannon to shoot at targets throughout the ride to help Toy Story’s Buzz defeat Emperor Zurg. Do you have what it takes to be a Space Ace? Finally, take the moving sidewalk up to the Tomorrowland Transit Authority. This ride casually takes you around, and through, many of the attractions of Tomorrowland offering a welcomed break from walking and giving you a unique perspective of the Land.

Fantasyland Next to Tomorrowland is Fantasyland. This area is designed for the younger crowd but still offers plenty of entertainment for the adults. In the last couple years, Fantasyland had the largest expansion in Magic Kingdom history and they went all out. The Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train is a new coaster where the cars swing as they travel through the gem mines of Snow White fame. You will see all of your favorite characters and may recognize a few of the tunes as well, but beware of the evil queen. Behind the mine train is Belle and Gaston’s provincial village from Beauty and the Beast. In this area, Storytime with Belle is not to be missed with an mirror entrance that must been to be believed. During this meet and greet opportunity with Belle, you will transition from Maurice’s cottage to the Beast’s castle all the while trying to figure out how that bit of magic just happened. Be Our Guest Restaurant is located next to the cottage and has a breathtaking dining area straight out of the Beast’s castle. You can dine in the library, the West Wing, or the Grand Ballroom complete with snowfall through the windows. This unique dining experience should not be missed. They even have “grey stuff” for the kids which I hear is delicious. If you are unable to get into Be Our Guest, Gaston’s Tavern is worth a visit. The level of detail is amazing, including cracks in the wall of the game room where Gaston raised a fuss (presumably in a bit of poor sportsmanship). As you leave the village you will return to Cinderella’s castle, this time from the back side. If you have a fan of the Princesses, be sure to visit the Princess Hall meet and greet area to the left of the castle.

Fantasyland continues to the right of the castle with a couple of the most classic attractions. Peter Pan’s Flight should not be missed, especially now with an enhanced queue that allows you to interact with shadows and fairies. Even before the upgrade, there was a constant demand for this ride. It goes to prove that a good ride is a good ride no matter its age. After visiting the home of the Darling family, you will board a pirate ship as you set sail high above the streets of London and fly straight on to Neverland. As you exit Peter Pan’s Flight, directly across you will see it’s a small world. No, literally, it’s a small world is across the walkway. Sure folks complain about how the song gets stuck in your head, but we all still ride it anyway. It is a timeless classic with an enhanced audio track direct from the New York World’s Fair recordings (where it debuted). The last stop in Fantasyland, oddly enough, is the bathroom. Beneath Rapunzel’s tower are a new set of restrooms straight out of the movie Tangled. It is worth a stop just to see the attention to detail in the décor (plus, these are the first bathrooms I’ve mentioned so you are probably in need of one by now).

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Liberty Square Our last stop in the Magic Kingdom is Liberty Square. As you approach this area from Fantasyland, you will see a creepy old Hudson River Valley manor on the hilltop to your right. This is the Haunted Mansion. As you approach the mansion, the queue will split, stay to the left side of the queue and you will wander through the cemetery. It really doesn’t add much time to your wait and there is so much to see and do that it pays off. First is a family memorial consisting of engraved busts. If you read the inscriptions you will quickly realize that there were a series of murders. If you are good with riddles you will realize who killed who and will also discover the sole survivor. Next is the Ravenscroft organ, named for Disney alumni Thurl Ravenscroft. You may not recognize the name, but you know the voice. He sings A Pirate’s Life for Me, Grimm Grinning Ghosts, You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch, and was also the voice of Tony the Tiger. The Mansion has had some cool technological enhancements over the years including hitchhiking ghosts that now interact with you. (By the way, if you look at the newspaper to the left of the hitchhiking ghosts, you will see the fate of the soul survivor mentioned above.) Continue you journey into Liberty Square to find the revolutionary Hall of Presidents. This tribute to the Executive Branch has had a reputation for being less than entertaining. However those days are behind us. For each new presidency, the attraction is taken down to add the latest presidential figure. During the last enhancement the entire show was given a face lift. It is much more engaging and a worthwhile visit to learn about the presidents and the office they shared.

Finally, be sure to catch the daily parades and fireworks offered at the Magic Kingdom. The afternoon parade is an upbeat traveling circus with animated floats that are spellbinding, including a mechanical steampunk dragon that actually breathes fire. The nightly parade remains more traditional although it has recently been updated to include newer members of the Disney family such as Cars’ Lightning McQueen. After the parade, be sure that you can see the front of Cinderella’s Castle as the castle comes to life thanks to special projectors that can change the physical appearance of the castle. If you look closely, you may even see the castle take a deep breath at the end of its performance. This of course is only the prelude to the nightly fireworks which quite simply are the best in the entertainment business.

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Disney Springs

I have shared a lot about the changes that have been taking place in the parks, but there has been other movement around the Walt Disney World Resort. Many of you, like myself, may have been saddened when Disney closed the adults only entertainment district of Downtown Disney. At long last, this area has been re-imagined, rebuilt, and renamed Disney Springs. There is a wide variety of high end shops and gourmet restaurants to fit anyone’s tastes (with even more opening before this summer).

The biggest changes have come to the area that used to be Pleasure Island which is now called The Landing. For what I consider the best burger on Disney property, visit the nautically themed Boathouse. This casual yet elegant restaurant is fine for a family outing or a romantic date night. Once you are finished with your dinner, try and tackle the baked Alaska. This dessert is large enough to feed a small army, let alone a family. Next to the restaurant is boat ramp with several vintage convertibles parked nearby. Hop in the back of one of these cars as your chauffeur drives down the ramp and shows off the amphibious features of the car, boat, uh, car.

Next to the boat ramp is Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar. You might not recommend his name, but it sure would sound familiar if Harrison Ford were running through the jungle yelling to Jock to start the engine. You see, Jock is Indiana Jones’ personal pilot. This bar is filled with subtle, and not so subtle, tributes to the Indiana Jones film franchise. Not like Planet Hollywood where memorabilia is on display, but rather the items are incorporated into the bar itself. For instance, say hello to Jock’s giant snake, Reggie, who is kept on display unless of course he has escaped his cage again (snakes, why’d it have to be snakes).
Two other editions to Disney Springs are the AMC Theatre and Splitsville. Although the AMC Theatre has been at Disney Springs for years, they have renovated the east side theatre to be a “Fork and Screen”. This is a theatre and restaurant rolled into one. Online you can select your exact seat in the theatre. When you arrive you will be given a menu and a server will bring you food and drink throughout your movie. While I thought this would detract from the movie going experience, it really wasn’t a distraction and the prices are on par with other quick service restaurants. Next to the AMC on the west end is Splitsville. This two-story bowling alley and restaurant/bar has taken bowling to the next level (no pun intended). This is not your father’s bowling alley. Rather than an endless row of lanes, the bowling lanes are set in groups of two throughout the building, intermingled with cocktail seating. It has a youthful feel and energy whether you are going to bowl, eat, or just nurse a cocktail as you people watch on the sidewalks below. These offerings are a great way to spend an afternoon or evening when you want something a little different than the theme parks and there is a whole lot more in store.

As you can tell, there is a lot to do and see at Walt Disney World. These were only the highlights that I have chosen. I could easily write an article about each section of each park, but why not discover it on your own? So what are you waiting for? Click that green button above, book your trip, and escape to the Wonderful World of Disney.