Cheap Flights From Milan

Getting a cheap flight out of Milan to elsewhere in Europe is quick and easy when you book with us here at Skyscanner. Using our flight finder tool, we’ll help you book on the day and time of your choice, with your favorite carrier, on the flight that fits your budget.

What Options Are Available?

Milan has three airports:

  • Milan-Malpensa Airport
  • Linate Airport
  • Orio Al Serio International Airport

The Linate Airport is a mere 4 miles from Milan itself, whereas the Milan-Malpensa Airport is 30 miles away. The Orio Al Serio International Airport is 28 miles away from central Milan, so it’ll also be a hike. The Milan-Malpensa Airport has the most variety of destinations among the three, so it’s probably the one that you’ll end up going to after you book your flight.

The good news is that between these three airports, you’ll have access to an entire galaxy of flights to everywhere in Europe, and even a few options in Africa and Asia if you’re feeling adventurous.

Where Should I Fly?

Locations in Italy like Naples, Palermo, and Rome are all extremely popular departures from Milan. In these Italian cities, you’ll get a taste of Northern Italy, Sicily, and central Italy respectively. Each region has a different cuisine, a different work ethic, and a welcoming attitude toward tourists. Flying along these routes will be very cheap along EasyJet and Alitalia.

If you’re interested in flying internationally, Barcelona, London, Paris, and Munich are all great choices. Each of these cities is drastically different, yet representative of its national character. For travelers seeking a more exotic trip, check out the flights to Moscow, Hong Kong, or Tunisia.

For a trip to the bucolic European countryside and quaint villages, fly to Eindhoven in the Netherlands, Vilnius in Lithuania, or Beauvais in France. In these locations, you’ll make up for the lack of big-city bustle and culture with a more authentic experience and a taste of how the non-urbanites of these countries life out their day to day lives. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to stay with a local family and see how many of these towns and villages are the same as they were a hundred years ago.

If you’re more interested in checking out some of Europe’s most beautiful wilderness, fly to Tirana in Albania, where you can have endless hiking, fishing, and exploring in the untouched wilds.

How Should I Get To The Airport From Downtown?

To get to the Milan-Malpensa airport, you can take the Malpensa Aeroporto T1 train from downtown, which is quite efficient—expect the trip to take about 40 minutes.

If you’re departing from Linate Airport, a taxi will be quick and easy. In contrast, if you’re flying out of Orio Al Serio International Airport, you’ll either have to get on board one of the charter buses from Milan or take the train to Bergamo. Once in Bergamo, you’ll have to take a taxi to bridge the remaining four miles between its town center and the airport, so a charter bus is probably the best option.

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